My 2022 recap

This year felt very much like returning to ‘normal’ after two pandemic years – and I wanted to make the most of it! So I thought I’d recap the key moments in today’s post…here we go!


Work this year has been incredibly challenging and also really positive. The team I’m part of has some fantastic people that make logging on to work everyday more fun. And above all they motivate me, help me develop and grow, and give me the encouragement & support needed to be a bit braver, which is amazing. Even I can realise that I’ve come a really long way this year (and it’s usually hard for me to see that in myself). It gets tough sometimes, as do all jobs, but I’m very lucky and grateful.


As well as making it back to Portugal a few times, I was lucky to do a bit of travelling again this year and to visit so beautiful places. From the forever favourites that are Paris and Milan, to the more “local” gems of Edinburgh and Cambridge, I’ve had the best time exploring this year…and can’t wait to explore more in 2023!


The thing I missed the most in the past couple of years was live music. There’s nothing quite screaming out the lyrics to your favourite songs with thousands of strangers!

The first concert I went to post-pandemic was one I’d rather hadn’t happened at all, the Taylor Hawkins Tribute. While for the saddest of reasons, it was cathartic and an effing incredible rock show!

And then I got to see one of my old favourite bands, Incubus, live at the Royal Albert Hall, of all places. An odd setting, for a very very fun gig. Perfect.


This year I finally managed to go back to having plans with my friends both in London and in Portugal and it was so so good! Between brunches and chats, wanders in London and Lisbon, weekends away and failed attempts at bowling (on my part), these moments with my friends made my year. And they made me realise that even though life might get lonely and odd at points, I do have people around me that care, which is super important!


I’m really glad I managed to spend some true quality time with my family both in London and back in Portugal – it’s so nice to hang out with people who have known you all your life and with whom you can be totally at ease. The best chats, laughs, sing-alongs, shopping trips, lazy afternoons happen with the family and I love every minute.

2022 was a busy & challenging year but it’s such a relief and a joy to come to the end of it realising that it was mostly truly positive. I have made the most of the good moments and bounced back from the less positive, learning, growing and knowing that I have people who are with me every step of the way. What a ride!

Hope you have had a positive 2022 – wishing you lots of joy & good things for the next one that is right around the corner!

T x

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