Exploring the History of Handbags at the V&A

Find out more about the ‘Bags Inside Out’ exhibition at the V&A museum in London – a treat for handbag lovers out there!

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Dior at the V&A

Don’t miss Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams at the V&A!

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Records and Rebels at the V&A

Growing up, I was surrounded by the spirit of the 60s – my parents and godmother, the biggest influences in my life, grew up in that era, so I grew up listening to Portuguese revolutionary songs along with classic lullabies. I’ve been listening to The Beatles ever since I can remember, my peace sign necklace is my most prized possession, Bob Dylan’s songs move me to tears and Herman Hesse’s Siddharta was the book that made the biggest mark on me as a teenager. For years, all I wanted was to travel in time and live in the 60s, wear… View Post