What’s on my Apple Watch

A review of my Apple Watch Series 6 – whether it’s worth it, what I use it for & my favourite apps!

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How I’m adding more movement to my days

The 4 things I’ve found really helpful in getting me to move more while stuck at home during lockdown…

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How I find workout motivation with my Apple Watch

Finding motivation to go workout – a lot of it helped by friends and by my Apple Watch! How do you stay motivated?

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Three Little Things #28

#1 Activity tracking In an effort to be more active and feel healthier, I have been making the most of the Activity Tracker on the Apple Watch. Num esforço para ser mais activa e sentir-me mais saudável, tenho estado a usar imenso o Activity Tracker do Apple Watch. It’s a great boost of motivation to keep an eye on those circles and how close you are to closing them, reaching your daily goals! And it allows you to share with friends/family that also have the watch so you can develop a healthy competition – I’m sharing data with my parents… View Post