Digital Creators That Inspire Me #2

A(bother) round of 4 digital creators who I discovered thanks to Instagram and who inspire me daily

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How to make the most of a lockdown day off

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it, taking a day off when you can’t leave the house or do anything much? But sometimes, it’s just what we need. The new year hasn’t exactly brought on the change we were all so desperately craving. Instead the pandemic is getting much worse and all the restrictions and uncertainty weigh heavy on a lot of us. So taking a day off from work stress/pressures can feel like a huge relief. That’s what I did last week Friday, and I thought I could leave you with some ideas if you want to do the same, because… View Post

4 Series I’ve been loving

a round up of the best new series I’ve been watching and loving, on Disney+ and Netflix

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How I’m adding more movement to my days

The 4 things I’ve found really helpful in getting me to move more while stuck at home during lockdown…

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5 books I’m excited to read this year

Some books I’m hoping to read in 2021 – and that I hope will get me back into the swing of reading!

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