How to keep the Christmas spirit alive in 2020

With the pandemic, it’s likely we won’t be able to be with our extended families for Christmas this year…but that doesn’t mean we can’t share the joy of the season! Here are a few things I’ve been doing & planning to make sure the distance doesn’t feel so heavy for all of us. Com a pandemia ainda por cá, é provável que não possamos estar com as nossas famílias mais alargadas no Natal este ano…mas isso não quer dizer que não possamos partilhar a alegria desta época! Aqui ficam algumas das coisas que tenho feito e planeio fazer com a… View Post

30 Movies to watch at Christmas

A handy list of the 30 best movies to watch at Christmas

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2020 Christmas Decorations

A few snaps of this year’s Christmas decorations at home!

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Christmas Gift Guide

Gift ideas for a Christmas unlike any other

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The 2020 Christmas Playlist

The 2020 Holiday series starts now – with an extra shot of cheer!

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