Social Anxiety & my 3 tips to cope

My experience with social anxiety & three things I do to cope

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Things that bring me joy in the colder months

Small things that help me feel happier in the colder months

5 things to do to make the most of the upcoming cold weather season!

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Top 5 of October

Rounding up the month of October and my favourite things of the month

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How I’m planning my weekly meals

In my previous post I mentioned I wanted to start planning my weekly meals to make sure I had all the ingredients at home and ready to cook. My objective is to make sure I have the necessary ingredients for tasty, filling meals that don’t have me reaching for those take-away food apps. When it comes to cooking I always stick to the things I know best – but sometimes that gets a bit boring and I find myself craving something unhealthy (and, most importantly, that I didn’t cook myself!) as a quick fix. So after I came back from…

How I’m learning to plan my weekly meals so I can eat healthier & order less take-away!

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Getting motivated after a Holiday

Taking a full week (or even two) off work is a privilege that I am very grateful I’m able to enjoy – but at the same time, it can be difficult, especially when you enjoy your time off so much that getting back to work is just that little bit harder.

Little tricks to increase motivation after a holiday!

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