Skincare Heroes

All the best skincare products that have been keeping my skin happy and healthy recently – especially during the lockdown!

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Beauty extras

those extra bits that have been helping my skin feel better!

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Memories of Perfume

Perfumes that bring back memories…

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Current skincare routine

After going through a phase around Christmas where I had more spots on my face than I’m used to or consider ideal, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to how I care for my skin. Na altura do Natal passei uma fase em que tinha mais borbulhas na cara do que estou habituada ou considero ideal, e depois disso tenho prestado mais atenção aos cuidados que dou à minha pele. This has involved not only a few key skincare products, but also some supplements and lifestyle changes. Esta mudança incluiu não só produtos chave para a pele, mas também… View Post

Trying Beauty Supplements

Discovering beauty supplements and French brand Aime Skincare!

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